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Hi There!

I'm Ashley Benningfield

Boudoir + Lifestyle photographer based in Louisville, KY

A few things to know about me :

I'm a trophy wife - I didn't say what place. 

I raise the three MOST spoiled Pitties I have ever seen!

Messy buns are SO under rated!

I can quote almost every movie I've ever watched.

The brightest color in my wardrobe is olive. 

Sometimes I eat ice cream for dinner -

 because I'm an adult and I can. 

I run my life.. my infertility doesn't. 

I firmly believe everyone should book a Boudoir Session in their lifetime - it is an uplifting, amazing experience! 

In 2014, I purchased a very well loved Nikon D90 for a few hundred dollars from facebook. Not to start a business, but to take photos of my niece and nephew because I didn't like how any one else captured them. They came across so "posed" and boring in their photos.. Let me tell you.. these kids are anything but that. They get it honest! That is when my love for lifestyle photography began.


I am such a sucker for forehead kisses, belly aching laughs, and cuddles in photos. Raw, real moments that truly capture my clients is what I live for! Well, that and Boudoir photography of course!

A strong fire lights up within a person when they find a hobby and a passion come together so effortlessly.

Boudoir + Lifestyle Photography is just that for me! 

Let's Chat about your next photography session... or puppies!