Has anyone else dropped the New Years Ball? No... just me?


It is 12.28.17 and I haven't even THOUGHT about what my 2018 goals are! Obviously I have the same ol' one every year that "I am gonna lose 30 lbs." or "I want to look like I did when I was 21..." I stick with for a while and then go back to my oreo eating, carb loving self and eat, eat, eat to gain all the weight I lost in half the time. Life is so unfair...

So in the New Year's spirit, that I haven't really found just yet, I found this short little inspirational list that I am gonna answer for some new, exciting ideas and actually try to stick with it.

Here is my list --

_ A bad habit I am gonna break? Coming home after work and just resorting to the couch because I am exhausted! I want to try and keep up with cleaning here and there around the house and not spending an entire day on it.. UGH that's gonna be tough.

_A new skill to learn? Obviously I want to continue learning and growing with my Photography so I have already signed up for new classes :) YAY!

_A person I hope to be more like? This may be a surprise.. but I would like to be more like my husband. He is such an amazing person, lights up any room, and really wants what's best for us in this life! (Don't tell him I said that!!)

_A good deed I'm going to do? I always like to give away FREE sessions throughout the year.. and I have been VERY public about my fertility issues. I haven't officially made the announcement BUT I plan on offering next to nothing maternity sessions for couples who have had troubles conceiving, used fertility specialists, adopted ( of course that will be a little spin to the whole maternity thing) but I want to help where I can! Details on this later this year :)

_A place I'd like to visit? I realllllly want my husband and I to really start looking at traveling to new places within our country. I would like to go to Aspen, Maine, and NYC.

_A book I'd like to read? I am actually getting a jump start on this and will be starting the Dave Ramsey's books... yea I need to get my spending under control... ugh, sucks to admit.

_A letter I'm going to write? I purchased a notebook last year for this reason and never started it ( go figure) but I want to start writing letters to Kaydee and Colton ( my niece and nephew) about life. Things that their mommy and I would do around certain times of the year. What I miss most about their momma. Just memories I don't ever want to be forgotten in a book for them to keep forever.

_A new food I'd like to try? .... I am stumped here. I have almost tried everything.. I will have to come back to this... maybe a crawfish boil? Never had that!

_I'm going to do better at? listening. and not to respond. I am so quick to say my opinion or thoughts on whatever is going on. I need to listen more and speak less.. THAT is gonna be a struggle~

What are your new years resolutions?!

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