Valentine's Day already?

Drawing a blank what you want to do for your S.O. this Valentine's Day? Yes, it is literally a month away. I don't know how either...

Ok, back on track! I have the fool-proof PERFECT gift for you to give him as well as make yourself feel like a queen for a day! Are you ready to know what that is??

YASSSSSS! Let's do an amazingly fun, outside of your norm photo shoot! These photo shoots not only are great gifts for your person but they are a great way to use that lingerie... Let's be honest who REALLY uses that stuff? No, I am the only one boring in my marriage?

BUT you get to get all dolled up and for no damn good reason! THAT is the best part.

I have set aside two days for these sessions - I also have some great questions to really customize this to your standards of what you are and are not comfortable with.

-NO you don't have to be a size 2!

-NO you don't have to be "girly"

-NO you don't have to have ANYONE to give these too, they can be for your damn self!

Email me today -, Facebook me,, text me, 502-500-6263

XOXO- Ashley!

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