You can do hard things!


You guys I have a confession to make... I get these crazy, great ideas for my photography business. I push and push and make myself involved everywhere I can and then stop. I buy tickets to empower women and then chicken out and don't attend just two hours before because I AM AFRAID. I just had some VERY courageous women this past weekend bare all in front of my camera (& MY what GORGEOUS photos I am getting from those sessions and will be posting SOON!) How crazy is it I can give them all the confidence in the world but not myself.

I love my photography. I love what I am doing here. The families I meet through my business and build relationships with. I work full time and love my full time job as well. But does that mean I should cut myself short of my passion? Absolutely not!

So, This is probably the most random, off the script, blog I have typed to date but I want to just make a statement here...

DON'T! DON'T question yourselves. We are all put on this earth and there is PLENTY of room for ALL of us to shine at whatever it is that lights our souls on fire!


This is just my daily reminder for myself and any other business owner, blogger, friend, that you are amazing. You can do hard things. You can chase dreams. Don't be your worst critic. Don't talk yourself out of really amazing opportunities because you don't think you are good enough, or far enough along in your journey. Don't day dream of something and never make it happen..

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