If you can’t stop thinking about it...

Does anyone else feel this consistently?! Like, you are dog tired but lay awake at night with thousands of ideas racing? Not that I think that’s a bad thing at all! I just wish in those moments I wasn’t so tired that I would take notes. You see, in these moments at 2 a.m., when my husband and the dogs are snoozing, my fan is on full blast no matter the season, I am generating thoughts in my head of what’s to come for our little family. I’m dreaming of what I REALLY want and one day will have. How I can make the livestock decisions for our future and what my contribution to all of that is. But there is so much more that races at all hours and keeps me up at night!

Will we beat infertility? Is there another diet I should try to boost our chances? Should we take a break? Should we just stop and see what happens? Adoption is a beautiful thing but why don’t I feel in my heart it’s the right choice for us? 

Am I giving my all with my photography business to get the results I want? Who is my ideal client, because to be honest I love them all! How can I move forward and progress? How can I produce better photos and options for my clients? 

There is still SO much I need to learn, where do I start? 

Am I really CRAZY enough to be thinking of starting up another business other then Photography, while also working full time? I know I’d be great at it- but how do you focus your time and energy consistently and equally across the board and not feel so stretched thin? 

Ahhhhhhhh- breathe. 

THIS- this is a small glimpse into my brain everyyyyy night.. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way either! So my question to you is- how do your organize your thoughts? How do you chase your dreams and still remain a well rested functioning adult? What steps are you taking towards your goals? 

I’d love to hear from you on how you are successfully killing it out there! After all- 

XOXO- Ashley 

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