Molly Moo

I can’t believe today you are 4! I still remember taking this photo a week after we brought you home. We weren't sure how Julius would take being a big brother to a rambunctious 8 month old sister.. 

But, just like you wrapped your daddy and me in an instant, it didn’t take Julius long to love you either! 

You’re the most compassionate fur baby I’ve ever had. You literally will cuddle like you’re never moving again! You love your “babies” (stuffed animals) for a good while before tearing them apart. You still amaze me at how loving you can be to your little brother Floyd... because he is a small asshole most days!

Most of the time- I would post a photo on social media giving you a shout out and go about my day. But Molly, this year has been so different and you deserve more then that.. 

This year, Mom and Dad have been trying to give you a human.. and so far failed at it. The repeated times Momma has come home excited about news she got at the specialist, you danced with me in the kitchen. You sang with your deep raspy growl of a bark with excitement. And when Momma is let down a couple weeks later you cuddled with me like your life depended on it. You always let me cry a massive amount of tears on you without budging. You always, always give the best kisses when I need them most. 

I hope one day I can give you a human.. but just know this.. if I’m ever ONLY a fur momma.. my life is still pretty great! I love you and your brothers and can’t imagine all the ups and downs without you all. 

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet, sweet girl. Your Dad and I love you more then I could ever explain Moo! 

Xoxo - 


Just for reference - here’s all 3 of my sausage fur babes 😍 

And some fun ones of Molly Moo, the birthday girl! 

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