Side Hustle? NOT ANYMORE!

One week ago, I gave my notice to my full time employer.

Since then, I have had a rush of emotions..

I am nervous - I have worked for someone else since I was able to work. I truly have been blessed with amazing jobs for the most part ( except those 4 months I tried Humana, ewww!)

I have this true sense of calm which is actually a complete surprise. But then again, I have always just jumped when I felt ready. I am not one to really "look back" and wish for things to be the same.

And as crazy as this sounds, I am a little sad. I have an incredible work family that I will truly miss. But, thank god for social media - We can keep up with each other for the most part!

in one week, I will be working for MY self.

in MY business.

doing it MY way.


Four years ago, I bought a well loved Nikon D90. The push for me to buy this gently used camera - my niece and nephew! I had lost my sister years before in a motorcycle accident and after that I was always the one in charge of making sure their Maw got amazing images of those cute little faces.

The problem with this?

I did NOT like other people's style.

I did NOT like their pricing - file bankruptcy for 3 images ( whhhat? no thanks)

I did NOT like how impersonal everything was. You were just another paying customer waiting your turn to have your 20 minutes in front of their camera and that was that.

They didn't know you by name.

They didn't interact with two of the silliest kids ever.

It was all super uncomfortable honestly. And after about the third time of being asked how old "MY" kids were... which pissed me off to no end. ( I would ALWAYS let them know to not bring their mom up ahead of our session. It put a lump in my throat and a cramp in my chest every single time. I could only imagine how the kids felt.)

THAT is what made me decide I was just going to go for it myself.

Why don't people care about their customer or customer service anymore?

Why are people SO greedy for money they over book themselves and make it such an awful experience?

Why didn't the photographer(s) take into consideration that we were paying them for a service and they didn't care to know WHO we were?

I KNEW I could do better then this. I wanted to take those awkward moments away from my kiddos. I wanted them to have fun, capture them being crazy ( they get it honest guys!) and I wanted to save money. Even at this moment I didn't realize this would turn into something more for me.

So that was that.. I started taking classes at a local camera repair shop learning basics. I youtubed videos, I signed up for Photographer School memberships , and put my all into it.

Photography is an art. Everyone has their style. There is no wrong way to edit a customer's images. They are your production!


Now, here I am ONE WEEK away from working for myself in what started as my little "side hustle."

To my clients that have stayed with me through my growth - You're the real MVP.

To my clients I worked with once and could've done something better - let's talk and fix that.

To my future clients - Get Ready! I am coming full force for 2019!

To ALL of my clients - THANK YOU. Without you, YES, every.single. one. of. you. I wouldn't be doing this!

To my niece and nephew - Thank you for being you. Thank you for making me Attie. And Thank you Kaydee for saying " Attie makes enough money, she will be just fine" when her Maw told her I had put my notice in.

I am truly tearing up as I close this out. In some weird way, I often think if Nicole were still here would I have ever gotten into photography? And truly found my true passion in life? I feel like my sister set this up for me in some off the wall way. She was an entrepreneur herself so it only makes sense.

Now - Let's get through this LAST week of WORK and on to my forever weeks of BLISS!

( And enjoy my babies below at Colton's 9th birthday party!)