My best Monday yet..

I get it.. I HATED Monday's for years. Especially when I had the craziest weekend of photographing sessions. Just to turn around and go back in bright and early on Monday morning. Not. Any. More. THIS Monday is much different! THIS Monday is a Monday I can definitely support. 

This Monday I woke up without an alarm around 8:30. I stayed in bed cuddling and kissing my fur babies. I got up in no rush at all - which hasn't happened in years on a Monday. I was always running late to work. Running out of the house at 8:50, no coffee in  hand, no gloss on my lips and managing to only be ten minutes late to work. Nope, not today. I got up, lit my pecan pumpkin waffle candle, made my favorite coffee (caramel vanilla cream with italian sweet cream), and got cozy on the couch with my faux fur blanket. Seriously, if you have an Ollie's near you I suggest only purchasing your throw blankets from there, such good deals! 

But, beside all the sweet, simple things I am thankful for this morning -- here I sit, still working. But I am working my way.  I have completed two galleries, scheduled three new family sessions, and announced my next happy hour. The best part- I don't at all FEEL like I am working! 

I am not saying this to rub it in that I am at home where no pants are required while you may be in a less appealing environment. I am saying this because I have busted my butt these last 4 years to get here. I always gave myself little milestones to get too. Within the last 6 months I knew I was at a dead end. I couldn't keep working 40 hours plus putting in the time my business deserved as well as being a wife, fur mom, daughter, aunt, and friend with little to no rest any longer. Something had to give - I was either giving up my photography and staying comfortable in my full time gig or I was quitting and going full time in my business. HOLY CRAP - I am sure by now you know which one I chose. I was not OK with just giving it up.. Lots of long talks with my husband, crunching numbers, figuring out how we could make it happen, and of course the most common thought- questioning if I can even do it. 

Despite it all, we made it happen. I am finally going to live my best life and can't put into words how amazing that is. Obviously, there is NO way I would be here without that hunk of a man I call my husband. He has always supported me with anything so this is no different. AND with it being MCM and all I guess it is fitting to give him his own little shout out.

Josh - Thank you for loving me when I find it hard to love myself. Thank you for supporting my wild ambitious dreams. Thank you for always standing by my side not only through our amazing times but our hardships. Thank you for always making me laugh. Thank you for keeping me grounded. Thank you for always hanging my new home decor even when you just changed it the week before. Thank you for learning how to grill a steak just as good as Jojo. Thank you for being you in a world that changes most people. Thank you for loving my niece and nephew as if they were our own children. But most importantly, thank you for being ALL mine!

Now the real question is -- What can you do to enjoy your Monday a little more?

XOXO- Ashley

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