Grit & Grace infertility Series - January

First, let me start by saying I am extremely excited to bring this series to light. I have struggled with infertility for a few years now. One of the biggest problems I see in the infertility world is NOT enough women are comfortable with sharing their stories. Leaving this very emotional subject left for everyone to start at square one. To research on their own. To struggle on their own. To try and find the best path on their own. BUT we shouldn't have to go through this alone! We, as women, should stand up and help each other deal with the emotions. Deal with the heart break after a failed IUI. Deal with everyday seeing another pregnancy post and our heart's break a little more. No one should have to process this alone.. and that is my hope with this monthly blog series. I hope to bring infertility to everyone's attention. To allow these courageous women to share their own personal stories. Even the amazing successes with infertility. I would love for YOU to join me! Have you struggled? Do you know someone who does? Submit your story today to be chosen for one of the future blogs - email Not only will you get to feature your story in our monthly blog, I am also gifting you up to 3 FREE images to remember this difficult time in your life. We photograph memories... usually only the good. But what about the baby(ies) you miscarried? What about the struggle between your husband and your self that took you over a year to claw your way out of? What about the tears you silently cry as you pray for strength for another day? Sure, it isn't glamorous. BUT it is apart of your journey. And I feel it is is important to document the not so great memories too. Because they are ALL apart of your story!

<< Meet Danielle Albright >>

One of the strongest women I am blessed to know and call a friend. She spends most of her free time at her favorite place : Cross fit 44! If she isn't there she is probably dancing the night away at a country concert. Her friends and family are her world. She is also amazing fur momma to Colbie! Below is her story in her words - While I know it wasn't easy for her to share I also appreciate her sharing and applaud her strength!!

"I have had two miscarriages and one medical abortion. This is something I struggle with every day! Abortion being the keyword : did your mouth drop or did your eyes get big because I’m sure they did.This happened because it was best for me my 19 week old baby. I was about to find out the gender and instead I find out something was terribly wrong. Could I handle a child at 19 with problems ? or the fact that this baby could kill me? So, I had a Medical abortion - from My doctors and mom's point of view it was what was best for me at 19.

I would not wish this on my worst enemy! I think about this everyday... was it a boy ? was it a girl? what made this happen to me? What would my baby be like if I didn’t abort it? Life goes on and I will have more chances ,right?

At 21 and 22 , I got pregnant two more times and had miscarriages. One at 9 weeks and the other at eleven weeks. You will never truly understand the pain of a miscarriage until you have one. No ones and I mean no one has the right words to help console you. To this day I live with this pain and struggle daily. Will I ever have kids ? What if I miscarry again?

I always tell myself things happen for a reason. One day when I’m pregnant that baby will be my reason! That baby will be worth every tear shed every night. I have stayed up wondering late at night... I wonder why? Life is a crazy ride you don’t know what is around the corner. It taught me time doesn’t always heal - time makes thing easier.

These experience’s taught me a lot about life. There are highs and there are lows. Sometimes the lows outweigh the highs . BUT you will recover and come out stronger then when you went in!!"

Thank you again Danielle for sharing your truth and struggle with infertility. Thank you for being courageous and opening up. Sharing a journey that most women have also experienced. I know through your story you have and will inspire others.

Ladies, let's take a stand and help each other through our own stories. You would be surprised the magic that can happen when women empower women.

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