Feeling IDGAF-ish today

I have had one of THOSE days. Everyone knows what I am talking about. When you open your eyes and you can just feel it in your soul your vibe is off. You go to run the bath water and after filling the entire tub - you dip your toe in first and realize you never turned on the hot water. Where you go to make coffee and forget to put the filter in first. ( Yes - we still use a coffee pot. You should too. Keurig's are SO bad for the environment. Unless you use a reusable pod - Go You!) Where you finally "think" you are going to turn this day around fast - it is only 11 am you can't have an ENTIRE crappy day - so you listen to uplifting music and get your day started. My go too is "Marian Hill - Down". So there I am - finally trying to crack a smile, singing, doing dishes and somehow my OCD led me to cleaning the fridge. As I do my last swipe on the bottom drawer to get the last bit of dried up whatever the hell it was- BOOM! Everything shuts off... No lights. No good music. No power. I can always tell when we lose power instantly because our robot vacuum scares the shit out of me and starts cleaning like it's life depends on it..

OK - Cool.. the electricity is out but probably won't be for long. I open some windows, give my fur babies extra treats, and head to my best friend's house to bum her wifi. Because I am NOT putting make up on today and working in a busy, bright coffee shop in this mood.

I gather my work bag and head downstairs to the garage. I stand there pushing the button for a solid three minutes before it clicked. Obviously, if I have no power I have no electric garage door. Great! So I trek my bag lady self back up the stairs and out the front door.. I can't find my key to the front door. No problem- I will just grab my spare key. Got it. Now what should have been 3 minutes to get in the car and on my way has taken 10.. Oh well. That seems to be the theme for today.

I get settled into my car - roll the windows down. Take a deep breath and go to back out of the driveway.. my car ALWAYS beeps when backing up because we live on a hill. No worries - I keep going not really paying attention to what is directly behind me and focusing more on if traffic is coming. CRASH! Literally just ran over our garbage can - in plain sight. ( just not my plain sight I guess ) I throw the car in park and get out to remove said garbage can from under the car. No damage done so I put it back at the non working garage and get back in the car to now leave - again!

Now that I have had the craziest morning I am gonna listen to a podcast - get my mind where it needs to be - and get to work as soon as I get to my friend's house. The fresh air and the fact there was some sunshine definitely was helping.

So now that my day can start - I get my laptop out and start working.. still feeling off on my energy I just keep trying to push through it. I have SO many amazing galleries due this weekend and wanted to get a jump start on them.

Nope, don't like that.

Why isn't this turning out how I want it?

The color in this photo is SO off. Let me edit it 5 more times. Yep, nope still don't like it.

I will just move on to the next photo. It took me 3 hours to edit 6 photos. SIX PHOTOS in THREE hours Y'ALL!

You get my drift - I am totally off my game today. But as I sit here.. frustrated as hell.. I can't help but be thankful. Weird, right?

I am thankful for the bad days just as much as the good ones. How would we know our "good" days are just that - good - without the bad ones? How could we be thankful for those awesome days where everything seems to align?

Of course, I wish I could've gotten MUCH more of a jump start on my work to have some down time for the first time on the weekend in I couldn't tell you how long.. But being present with my feelings- being real about my day - being honest with myself is something I am trying to work on. I let things build and build and then end up having a blow up of a day. So maybe if I work on taking a break in the middle of frustration and then coming back to it instead of working trying to push and push myself. When clearly the universe is telling me different.

I would love to hear your thoughts when everything is going wrong - what do you do to turn your day around?

:: Side Note - Spring Minis are being announced this weekend !! YAY!! ::

XO- Ashley

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