Grit & Grace Infertility Series : Meet Kristen Tiller

First, let me start by saying I am extremely excited to bring this series to light. I have struggled with infertility for a few years now. One of the biggest problems I see in the infertility world is NOT enough women are comfortable with sharing their stories... Leaving this very emotional subject left for everyone to start at square one. To research on their own. To struggle on their own. To try and find the best path on their own. BUT we shouldn't have to go through this alone! We, as women, should stand up and help each other deal with the emotions. Deal with the heart break after a failed IUI. Deal with everyday seeing another pregnancy post and our heart's break a little more. No one should have to process this alone.. and that is my hope with this monthly blog series. I hope to bring infertility to everyone's attention. To allow these courageous women to share their own personal stories. Even the amazing successes with infertility. I would love for YOU to join me! Have you struggled with infertility yourself? Or do you know someone who does? Submit your story today to be chosen for one of the future blogs - email Not only will you get to feature your story in our monthly blog helping other women, I am also gifting you up to 3 FREE images as a "Thank you" for your bravery in sharing. We photograph memories... but usually only the good. What about the baby(ies) you miscarried? What about the struggle between your husband and your self that took you over a year to claw your way out of and find your own self worth again? What about the tears you silently cry as you pray for strength for another day? Sure, it isn't glamorous. BUT it is apart of your journey. And I feel it is just as important to document the not so great memories too. Because they are ALL apart of your story. I can't wait to hear from you soon. Now check out this month's story -- it's a good one!

>>> Meet Kristen Tiller and read her amazing story in her own words <<<

"After my husband and I got married in November 2016, we started trying for a baby. I just “knew” we would be pregnant within a few months, we were young and healthy. Time quickly passed and nothing was happening. In February 2018, I went to our first fertility doctor after over a year of trying. After both of us had some test and blood work done, we got what to me was a devastating diagnosis...unexplained infertility. There is absolutely nothing that they could pinpoint that was wrong with either of us, things just weren’t happening. The doctor immediately started me on medication and injections, I would take a test on the day my cycle was due to see if things worked. On a Saturday in April I took a test while my husband wasn’t home, so if by some crazy chance it was positive I could surprise him. Four test later, and we were pregnant on our first medicated cycle! We were so excited that we told all of our close family and friends. I went for blood work that Monday, and would go again on Wednesday to make sure my numbers were doubling. The office called and left me a voicemail Wednesday afternoon while I was at work, I made the mistake of listening to it in between patients because it never crossed my mind that something could be wrong. When I heard the doctors voice on the voicemail, I knew things weren’t okay. She said that my numbers were dropping, and I was having a chemical pregnancy (very early miscarriage). The rest of that day was a blur, we asked our parents to let everyone know that we had already told. As devastated as we were, I wanted to start trying again as soon as possible. The doctor recommended we move to IUI, so we did our first one in June. Unfortunately it failed, so the doctor wanted to do a laparoscopy procedure on me to make sure I didn’t have any signs of endometriosis. I didn’t feel comfortable with that, so I set up an appointment with another fertility doctor for a second opinion. I started seeing that doctor in September, and by the end of the month we were doing our second IUI. Sadly that one failed also, I was broken. They said more IUI's or IVF were our best options. We couldn’t financially do either with no guarantees that it would work. We decided we were going to try some things that we had heard about on our own, and reevaluate if nothing happened. I had my cycle in October after the second failed IUI. I was due for my cycle in November, and had every symptom that I was going to start. By Saturday, I was one day late, I gave in and took a test. I was SHOCKED when two lines quickly popped up. To say we were terrified of something happening again is an understatement. I’m currently 33 weeks and won’t feel at ease until our baby boy is safely in our arms. I never imagined this being our story, but I truly feel like it all happened for a reason. My advice to anyone going through infertility is this : never ever give up and give it to God. Without those two things, I wouldn’t be growing this sweet boy."

How amazing is it that Kristen's journey led her to motherhood! As hard as it is in the infertility community to hear of another pregnancy announcement when it is one of our own doesn't it just send you little glimmer of hope that you could be next? I know it definitely does that for me! We can't wait to welcome your sweet boy into this world with your Kristen! Thanks for sharing your story!

XO- Ashley

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