Im'ma brag for a minute...

Imma brag for a minute...

Not about me.

Not about my business. Not about my amazing niece or nephew.

Or my momma.

But about my man.

The person I chose to create a forever with.

MYYY person.

Who puts up with my crazy ideas and wild heart.

Who doesn’t dim my light or try and tell me what to think.

Who allows me to freely be the weird human I am.

And who truly was made for me, and I believe that with my entire being.

If you ask me what I am most proud of, my answer is always the same - choosing and marrying my husband.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting my husband, believe me when I say you ARE missing out! He’s the most gentle giant. Has the biggest heart. He does NOT accept compliments well because in his eyes he is just doing what’s right. He will make you laugh until tears are streaming down your cheeks. And literally (I’ve seen it more then once) will pull off on the side of the road and help a stranger.

This past weekend we’ve been dealing with some pretty rough circumstances regarding Molly, our middle child.

Wait, but you guys don’t have kids?

Well, maybe to you we don’t have kids because they aren’t humans. But we DO have kids, 3 of them. They all have 4 legs, huge personalities, and love their family unit. So if you don’t see dogs as kids, you should probably exit left. You are not our peoples.

BUTTTTTT, if you do see your animals as part of your family. Then you will understand how when something so sudden and out of the ordinary happens. You have to come together quick, as a team and decide what is next.

Molly woke up Saturday morning like any other morning. I always help her out of bed because she LOVES doing the down dog stretch with her two front paws on the ground with her legs still on the bed. All while momma rubs her hips ( yea, she’s spoiled, but so deserving of it.)

But this morning was different. She went to bring her back legs down and instantly fell on her left side. Me thinking her leg was just asleep, was pep talking her to come on and stop being lazy. She went to stand and walk and fell again. And then two more times. I am still not thinking much - other than she is mad Momma got her up at 10 am and not let her sleep until 1pm like usual.

I get her outside and she is walking but extremely wobbly. And her left front paw almost looks as though she has no feeling in it. She was dragging it and the paw pad was flipped under, also known as knuckling. I still just think she’s still having some tingling so we go to snuggle on the couch for a bit before I have to get up and start my day.

Fast forward to 1pm and I am going to get up off the couch. I have Moo come along ( of course her crazy brothers follow) and she is being weird. Leaning up against the couch, and the wall, and once we get in the bedroom she collapses. At this point I know that something is wrong, I can see it in her eyes.

My sweet husband was with his dad in gatlinburg because of a car show they were attending. I call him panicking and trying to explain what is going on. He tells me if I think she needs to go, take her.

Because Molly is 90 lbs and SOLID as can be there is no way I can get her into the car alone. Last time I lifted her I threw my back out and it took weeks to come back to normal. So I called my girlfriend Toni to come help me. THANK GOD FOR TONI. Not only did she help me get Moo in the car, drive us to the first AND second emergency vet but she stayed by my side while I was just crumbling. Shout out to Rachel for dropping everything and coming to help us too.

Molly is seen and we basically get a lot of “could be’s”

It “could be” a cervical spinal cord issue.

It “could be” an FCE ( stroke in the spinal cord )

It “could be” a herniated disc.

It “could be” cancer.

Here I am, freakkkkking out at all the what if’s and calling Josh just bawling and unsure of what to do. In no way am I a selfish lover of animals - if I truly thought she was in unbearable pain with no shot of recovery then we need to make the best decision for her. But this wasn’t the case at all, she started the day smiling and happy. She still was showing small signs of excitement to the staff at the vet.

We receive an OUTRAGEOUS quote to get the answers of what is going on with our baby girl. I develop a HUGE lump in my throat when I call my husband once again to fill him in on everything. I am sweating, shaking, tears just rolling down my face. And tell him financially what we are looking at. Worried my husband won’t think it is do-able.

He didn’t even flinch. He wasn’t mad. He wasn’t aggravated. He wasn’t hesitant. He said do whatever is necessary for her.


THIS understanding.

THIS compassion.

THIS attitude.

THIS is one of the many reasons I continually fall in love with him.

Sooo many people would not do this.

Sooo many people would hear the amount and quickly make their mind up.

Sooo many people would say “how much longer do you think she has anyway?” “Do you really think it is worth it, she’s just a dog.”

But not him.

He cares and loves his family to no end.

When it comes to priority we truly are his number one.

He busts his ass everyday for everything we have. It may not seem like much monetarily speaking to most. But that’s not our style anyway.

In my opinion, I am the richest woman in the world to have a husband and babies that love me more than life itself.

Thank you Josh, for loving us like you do.

Thank you for being the BEST baby daddy I could’ve ever imagined.

Thank you for being the calm to my chaos.

The constant I never thought I would have.

And if you have made it this far with my rambling, PLEASE keep our baby girl in your thoughts and prayers. Her brothers and I have been praying several times a day for her and we are ready for her to come home.

who knows, maybe I will start blogging again.... This felt really good.



Enjoy some adorable photos of our girl and send all the positive vibes our way!